All Level Yoga
In this mixed level class, we embrace postures compassionately and mindfully, allowing for exploration and development of your personal practice. Throughout class we will offer variations of poses, breath-work, and encourage self-awareness and active listening to the body through sensation.

Cosmic Mixtape - Himalayan Kriya Yoga 

This class is a fusion of meditation, motion and music using the ancient technologies of Himalayan Kriya Yoga which is a sacred practice from Northern India. This practice is mediation in motion and designed to shift stagnant energy and create healing of the brain, body and spirit. This is a magical journey to rediscover your true self.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga
This class is a blend of gentle breath-oriented postures, including strengthening, stretching and joint freeing movements, followed by deeply relaxing restorative poses. Restorative postures use props to support the student in soft openings, where deep healing and stillness of body and mind can be experienced.

Healthy Back Yoga
This gentle class welcomes students of all ages to learn the basics of bringing awareness and stability to our bodies. Utilizing props (such as a chair or strap) will help with proper alignment while we lengthen our spines and strengthen our cores to promote youth and vitality in our bodies, minds, and spirit. 

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini yoga offers a life changing modality that all have the opportunity to experience, practice, and master.  Wednesday nights class is dedicated to supporting everyone who is coping with stress in their lives, which may be creating situations and feelings which are difficult to manage. Kundalini Yoga offers tools that can shift you to clarity, happiness, kindness, and peace - Releasing fear, guilt, shame, anger, hurt, regrets, and losses. Included in Kundalini Yoga are tools that support relapse prevention for recovered addicts. It is a blessing to hand down the teachings that transform and create grace, self-love and trust, to embrace a new life with sobriety, love, and light. Happiness is Every Person’s Birthright!

Prenatal Yoga

Welcoming those who are 12-42 weeks along. In this class we incorporate postures and breathing techniques that promote a greater connection to the physical body and a deeper bond with your baby to prepare for labor and delivery. Poses and comfort measures offered can be utilized in labor. Birth education is incorporated throughout. Partners/support persons are highly encouraged to attend (at a discounted class pass rate).

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow yoga is serene yet stimulating. The warm-up is gradual, leading to a mindful flow with an emphasis on alignment and transitions. Poses are held for several breaths to allow for deeper meditative movement to improve balance, stability, and mind-body connection. This 71 minute class will end with a longer cool-down and savasana, leaving you peacefully energized.

Transformational Restorative Yoga

In this class you are invited to feel deeply connected to your body and more aware of where emotions reside in the tissues. We will do some light warm ups and use ample props (bolsters/blankets/blocks) to set up our supported restorative poses which we hold for 3-5 minutes. This 80 minute class is topped off with an extra-long savasana to help you feel extremely centered and ready to move into your evening activities.

Yoga Blend - Now & Zen w/ Sacred Sound

This class is an opportunity to dive into learning who and what we are, and how to move forward. With elements of both ancient knowledge and modern physics, psychology, science and anatomy, we make a full circle, full integration. With a focus on more gentle and therapeutic yoga, there is also an embrace of breath-work, Qi Gong, mantra and meditation techniques. Using the science of Sacred Sound healing and therapy, class is closed with a sound bath.

Yoga Fun-damentals

In this class we welcome everyone right where they are in their yoga journey. We will focus on getting back to the basics of yoga practice - which includes breath-work, postural alignment, practicing with mindfulness - all in a safe, friendly and non-intimidating environment.

Yoga Belly Dance

This is a class that focuses on preparing the body through a Yoga warm-up to improve dance isolations, increase flexibility, strength, and balance. Each class focuses on Belly Dance basics including a short sequence of movements. Class includes a Yoga cool down.

You Can Belly Dance!

This class will help beginner and intermediate dancers gain skills and confidence in Egyptian-style belly dance. Classes will begin with strength and technique and build up to short dance combinations using beautiful songs from the Middle East and North Africa. Prepare to shake your hips while making friends and having fun. It's time to dig out that hip scarf and put it to work! Dance combos will be taught at the beginner and intermediate levels, with options for advanced modifications as students progress. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Hip scarves are recommended but not required. Dance shoes are optional. Participants may optionally perform at a recital at the end of select sessions!